Other Services

Legal Services

We co-ordinate the activities of legal agents on acquisition, tittle, leasing, restrictive covenants, funding, finance agreements and other matters concerning ownership.

Consultant Appointments

We advise the client on the need for and make recommendations for the appointment of other consultancy needed by the client. We do checks and advice our clients on terms of consultancy’s appointment and the structure.

Brief, Design and Quality Control

We assist in the co-ordination with the consultants in preparation of the design brief. We amplify the design brief as necessary during the design development. We give advice on commissioning, capital and the life cycle of cost studies of alternative designs and materials.

Cash Flow Management

In conjunction with the client, we prepare and maintain cash flow forecasts and statements for project expenditure.

Local Authority and Planning Approvals

We spearhead planning permision on behalf of clients with local authorities and any other statutory entities.

Impact Research and Analysis

The impact analysis that we carry out on behalf of our clients are exploratory and they help expose any vulnerabilities and these integral in developing risk mitigation strategies.

Building Construction Management

We liaise with clients on practical management and maintenance programmes. Our speciality is hands on project administration with key nodes being computer aided programming, humint (experience based human intelligence) and academia.